Paving Notes When You Have a Brand New Paved Surface

Paving notes, featured image

How long can we stay off my driveway? When can I walk on my driveway? I see lines on my freshly paved driveway? Can we drive on parking lots once paved?

All great questions to ask when you have a brand new paved surface.

2 to 3 days is prime for staying off freshly paved areas. If it’s 90 or hotter, stay off longer, 5 days is best.

One can walk on the new asphalt right away. Keep in mind, it is HOT, and could burn your feet and your pets pads! But your body weight will not hurt the new asphalt.

Once you can drive in the new asphalt, you may see surface blemishes. Areas that look rough, or have tire marks, etc… All this is normal. And will fade over a short period of time. Once the oil is evaporated out of the top layer, marks will stop showing as much. But it is OK!! It is only temporary.

Do not park cars for long period of times (days/weeks) on freshly paved surfaces. Move the wheels around if you must.

Slight cracking on sides of asphalt driveway…this will happen if soil is not flush with the new asphalt paving. If the driveway sits higher up, then have soil brought in and graded to the edges, seed, and straw it!! It will stabilize the side from pulling.

Enjoy your new investment! It adds curb appeal !